Tuesday, October 17, 2006

SOCKTOBERFEST 2006--first entry

I have joined my very first KAL and here is posted my first sock in Socktoberfest 2006.

I am using US #2 bamboo needles and Knitpicks self-stiping sock yarn. Notice the wonderful purple needle holders that keep the tiny stitches from slipping off as I travel with the sock. They are made by Enabling Technologies in Webster, NY.

I am following the Dublin Bay pattern from Mossy Cottage, and shame on me, I've not given you a very good look at the lacey parts going down the sides of the sock. I have started to turn the heel, so am on the home stretch for this sock.

It feels like I've been knitting this sock all month, but it really hasn't been that long. I only have a little time after supper to work on it, and by then the light is poor and my eyes are shot.

This weekend is the big Holiday Shopping Extravaganza event at my DD's school. I've been knitting for months to have a few things to sell. Also, my DH and I will sell our children's books that day. Oh, that's not enough, now comes baking for the bake sale. My mom, age 87, is helping me make lots of bakery (even canine)
treats to tempt shoppers.

The event helps the art department, so it's a good cause. Any readers in the Wheeling area, drop me a note and I'll tell you where & when to shop!

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